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If a dog attacked you or your child, call an experienced dog bite lawyer in Minneapolis right away. You have the right to demand compensation for your injuries and a good, reputable dog bite lawyer can fully investigate the case, guide you through the claims process, and maximize your compensation. Our firm has the knowledge, skills, and tenacity to fight for the recovery you deserve.

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Overview of Minnesota Dog Bite Law

If a dog bit you or your child, you may be able to bring a claim against the dog’s owner, handler or both. Minnesota law says that if any dog attacks or injures someone, then the owner is strictly liable for all of the damages that the dog caused.

There are two limitations to this law. First, the injured person must not have “provoked” the dog. Pulling a dog’s tail, poking the dog or otherwise actively bothering the dog can be a defense the owner can use against your claim. Second, you must have lawfully been on the place where the dog bit you. You may have been in public or had the right to come onto the private property. But if you were trespassing, that’s another defense for the owner.

Our experienced dog bite lawyers can immediately investigate the facts and, just as important, give you advice about how to best document and treat the injuries from the attack. We know dog bites can lead to severe injuries and disfigurement, especially when a young child is involved. It’s essential to hold the dog’s owner responsible and win compensation to cover the medical bills, pain and suffering, and disfigurement caused by a dog.

Who Is the Dog’s Owner?

A dog might attack when it’s not with its actual owner. In that case, we’ll talk with you about who is liable for your injuries and investigate the dog’s ownership. Minnesota law says the term “owner” includes any person harboring or keeping the dog, but the owner is primarily liable. Ultimately, you may bring a claim against more than one person or a business if the dog was under the control of a kennel or doggy daycare.

What About Negligence?

You don’t have to prove a dog owner was negligent or did anything wrong to win compensation. Minnesota has a strict liability law. Experienced dog bite lawyers, however, always investigate the decisions or conduct that led to the attack. This evidence can sometimes support a punitive damages claim against the owner and often results in larger jury verdicts.

What About the One Bite Rule?

Some states say the owner has to know or reasonably should’ve known their dog was aggressive or dangerous, but not Minnesota. There’s no one bite rule here. It doesn’t matter if the dog has ever attacked someone before.

We’ll Guide You Through the Dog Bite Claim Process

Get Medical Care for Your Dog Bite Injuries

Always see a doctor after a dog bites you or your child. Dog saliva carries very dangerous bacteria and even small bites can easily become infected. It’s also the first step in documenting the injuries. We recommend you take pictures of your injuries and continue to take photos during the recovery period. Visual evidence helps judges and juries understand the severity of the injury and your pain and suffering.

Dog bites can cause serious injuries, including:

  • Puncture wounds
  • Broken bones
  • Lacerations and scarring
  • Soft tissue injuries
  • Face and eye injuries
  • Nerve damage
  • Infections
  • Mental health disorders

We’ll Find Out Who’s Responsible for the Dog

To bring a claim, you need to know who the dog belongs to. It helps to have the owner’s name and address.

We understand you might not know the dog or who owns it. Don’t let this stop you from calling our Minneapolis dog bite attorneys. We’ll investigate. We’ll work to locate the dog, identify its owner, and determine who had control of the dog at the time of the attack.

We’ll Calculate the Value of Your Damages

Many people try to handle dog bite claims on their own. But too many of them misunderstand the value of their claim.

You can demand compensation for:

Without an attorney’s guidance, you might demand too much or too little. We want you to have a clear understanding of your damages and the potential value of your claim. It’s the best way to enter negotiations and win a fair outcome.

We’ll Look for Insurance Coverage

In some cases, you or the dog’s owner may have an insurance policy covering some of your damages. We always look into this because insurance coverage may improve your chance of receiving compensation.

We’ll Demand Fair Compensation

After gathering all the facts, we’ll prepare a demand. We’ll talk with you about when it’s necessary or helpful to file a lawsuit. Going to court isn’t always required, but sometimes it’s in your best interests.

Whether we file a lawsuit or not, our priority is getting you the best possible outcome.

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