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Outbreak Summary

CDC, along with state and federal agencies, is investigating two outbreaks of Salmonella infections, one linked to Salmonella Africana and the other to Salmonella Braenderup. Both outbreaks share similarities in terms of affected locations, timing, and demographics of those affected. Investigations are underway to determine if the outbreaks could be connected to the same source of contaminated food. The Salmonella Africana outbreak has affected 162 people across 25 states and the District of Columbia, with 54 hospitalizations reported. The true number of cases is likely be higher due to underreporting and delayed reporting.

Epidemiological and laboratory data suggest that cucumbers could be the source of the Salmonella Africana outbreak, with a significantly higher percentage of affected individuals reporting cucumber consumption compared to the general population. Whole genome sequencing (WGS) analysis indicates genetic relatedness among bacteria from sick individuals, pointing to a common food source. Resistance to certain antibiotics has been observed in some cases, complicating treatment options. Testing has identified Salmonella in cucumber samples from retail locations in Pennsylvania, prompting warnings against consuming recalled cucumbers distributed by Fresh Start Produce Sales, Inc.

We represent many people who have been sickened in outbreaks like this one, including those involving tainted cucumbers, and our Salmonella lawyers have filed lawsuits on behalf of many individuals sickened in Salmonella outbreaks. We are working hard to get to the bottom of this one. This page will update as we uncover more information. If you or a loved one believe you were sickened in this outbreak, please call or contact us using the form on this page for a free consultation.

More Details

Salmonella Outbreak Linked to Cucumbers

Salmonella Africana

There are more than 2,500 serotypes of Salmonella, but fewer than 100 cause infections in humans. Among these illness-causing strains are serotypes called Africana and Braenderup, which are the strains that appear to be linked to the current outbreak. Salmonella poisoning can be so severe that it leads to hospitalization or even death.

Salmonella can even be fatal when the infection leaves the intestines and travels to the bloodstream or other parts of the body. It is also possible to experience long-term side effects, including joint pain known as reactive arthritis, which is also called RA or Reiter’s Syndrome. This can last for months or years and result in chronic arthritis, which is difficult to treat. Reactive arthritis can also lead to eye irritation and painful urination. In rare cases, some types of Salmonella cause typhoid fever, which can be fatal.

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